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When planning for a loft conversion there are a few points you need to consider. We at D & S Property Maintenance are happy to help and offer a No Obligation Advice Planning and Quotation service for your project.

At the onset of your project you need to see for yourself if your loft is convertable, you can do this by standing in the centre of your loft and measure upwards from the joists to the ridge. Idealy this should measure 8 feet although 7 is workable.

If your home was built Pre 1965 then it is ideal to convert as the roof will of been built using Purlings and Rafters. This type of roof has a steep pitch and lots of clear space between the timbers. Generally the older the house the steeper the pitch to the roof.
D&S Property Maintenance If your house is Post 1965... this means it is not impossible, but a lot more work needs to be done. The structure of your roof will need to be changed. This is done by raising the roof line to give the appropriate head height. For this a structural engineer will need to be involved, and you will require planning permission, and a architect will need to be involved to draw up your plans, And your local Building Control Department will also need to oversee different stages of the project. Your local planning department will also be able to inform you if any restrictions apply yo your property, and also be able to help you decide if you need planning permission or building regulations.

D&S Property Maintenance Planning Permission is usually only required if :
  • You live in a area of natural beauty
  • You live in a National Park
  • If any addition to the roof slope faces a highway
  • Your house is listed
  • If you are increasing the size of your house by more than 10%
Building Regulations is the responsibility of the builder . This is to assure the local council that all materials and saftey standards are in place. Approval for all the work is then followed up by a Inspector.

D&S Property Maintenance Other Permissions may be required when converting your loft, so it is important that you check out the following:
  • The Party Wall Act
  • Covnants and Private Rights
  • Listed Buildings
All this information can be found at

When you have gathered all the information relavent to your conversion all you have to do next is decide what your room is going to be:
  • Bedroom
  • Bedroom with En-suite
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Home Office
  • Play/ Chill out Room
  • Hobby Room
  • Simple Storage ( rarely restrictions apply for this type of conversion as it is not classed as change of use)

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